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Core strengths and capabilities

One of my first tasks as the lead designer at iStreamPlanet was to redesign the company website. Built many years prior and receiving minimal updates - it was time to create a modern website design that displays our capabilities and defines our core strengths as a company.

Working directly with the CTO and marketing team, we defined an information architecture that provides details across two key capabilities: the solutions that we offer (Live Sports / Media & Entertainment) and the technologies we have created to power those solutions (Aventus Media Processing / Orbis Direct-to-Consumer).


iStreamPlanet built the Aventus Media Processing and Orbis Direct-To-Consumer technologies to work together to provide a managed service for our customers - from signal acquisition through monetization to delivery on mobile devices. The platform powers the solution.

At iStreamPlanet, we focus on two key solutions for our customers:

Custom visualization created to show the Aventus media processing workflow


Technical specs were created to deliver deeper insights into the features provided by our platform. This included custom iconography for each of the individual features of the platform.

As part of the redesign, I created a new set of custom icons that help to visualize our core technology.

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